PubMed 24297890

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Title: Optical control of an ion channel gate.

Authors: Damien Lemoine, Chloé Habermacher, Adeline Martz, Pierre-François Méry, Nathalie Bouquier, Fanny Diverchy, Antoine Taly, François Rassendren, Alexandre Specht, Thomas Grutter

Journal, date & volume: Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. U.S.A., 2013 Dec 17 , 110, 20813-8

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The powerful optogenetic pharmacology method allows the optical control of neuronal activity by photoswitchable ligands tethered to channels and receptors. However, this approach is technically demanding, as it requires the design of pharmacologically active ligands. The development of versatile technologies therefore represents a challenging issue. Here, we present optogating, a method in which the gating machinery of an ATP-activated P2X channel was reprogrammed to respond to light. We found that channels covalently modified by azobenzene-containing reagents at the transmembrane segments could be reversibly turned on and off by light, without the need of ATP, thus revealing an agonist-independent, light-induced gating mechanism. We demonstrate photocontrol of neuronal activity by a light-gated, ATP-insensitive P2X receptor, providing an original tool devoid of endogenous sensitivity to delineate P2X signaling in normal and pathological states. These findings open new avenues to specifically activate other ion channels independently of their natural stimulus.