PubMed 23090691

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Title: Negative inotropic effect of carbachol and interaction between acetylcholine receptor-operated potassium channel (K.ACh Channel) and GTP binding protein in mouse isolated atrium -- a novel methodological trial.

Authors: Muneyoshi Okada, Chihiro Noma, Hideyuki Yamawaki, Yukio Hara

Journal, date & volume: J. Vet. Med. Sci., 2013 , 75, 377-80

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Interaction between acetylcholine receptor-operated potassium channel (K.ACh channel) and GTP binding protein was examined by an immunoprecipitation-Western blotting system in mouse isolated atrium. The carbachol-induced negative inotropic action in indomethacin-pretreated mouse atrium was significantly inhibited by a K.ACh channel blocker, tertiapin or atropine. Kir3.1 K.ACh channel (Kir3.1) was immunoprecipitated with a mouse anti-Kir3.1 antibody. Coprecipitating Gβ with Kir3.1, detected by Western blotting, was significantly augmented by carbachol. Atropine, but not tertiapin, significantly inhibited the carbachol-induced coprecipitating Gβ with Kir3.1. The data indicate that immunoprecipitation with Kir3.1 and Western blotting of Gβ system is a useful method for assessing interaction between K.ACh channel and GTP binding protein in mouse atrium.