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Title: KCNJ5 mutations in aldosterone producing adenoma and relationship with adrenal cortex remodeling.

Authors: Sheerazed Boulkroun, José-Felipe Golib Dzib, Benoit Samson-Couterie, Fabio Luiz Fernandes Rosa, Amanda Jane Rickard, Tchao Meatchi, Laurence Amar, Arndt Benecke, Maria-Christina Zennaro

Journal, date & volume: Mol. Cell. Endocrinol., 2013 May 22 , 371, 221-7

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Somatic mutations of KCNJ5, coding for the potassium channel GIRK4, have recently been implicated in the formation of aldosterone producing adenoma (APA). While a causal link between KCNJ5 mutations, membrane depolarization and aldosterone production has been established, the precise mechanism by which these mutations promote cell proliferation and APA formation remains unclear. The aim of our study was to correlate KCNJ5 mutation status with morphological and functional characteristics of the adrenal cortex adjacent to APA. While GIRK4 was expressed in APA and in the zona glomerulosa of the adjacent cortex, significantly lower levels were detected in APA harboring a KCNJ5 mutation. There was no correlation between KCNJ5 mutation status and the morphological measures of adrenal cortex remodeling, including nodulation, vascularization and expression of CYP11B2. The cell composition of APA was not significantly different between groups. These results indicate that KCNJ5 mutations are not correlated with adrenal cortex remodeling in APA.