PubMed 15388342

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Title: Is the ClC-2 chloride channel involved in the Cl- secretory mechanism of gastric parietal cells?

Authors: Katsuhito Hori, Yuji Takahashi, Naoki Horikawa, Tetsushi Furukawa, Kazuhiro Tsukada, Noriaki Takeguchi, Hideki Sakai

Journal, date & volume: FEBS Lett., 2004 Sep 24 , 575, 105-8

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It has been controversial whether the ClC-2 chloride channel is involved in hydrochloric acid secretion of gastric parietal cells. Here, we investigated whether ClC-2 is the apical Cl- channel associated with gastric acid secretion. Two anti-ClC-2 antibodies used in this study reacted with cloned ClC-2 protein expressed in HEK293 cells. In isolated rabbit gastric glands, significant expression of ClC-2 mRNA was observed, but the presence of ClC-2 protein was not clear. Furthermore, no expression of ClC-2 protein was observed in isolated rat and human gastric mucosa. Immunohistochemistry on the rat gastric mucosa showed no significant expression of ClC-2 protein in the parietal cells which showed abundant expression of H+,K+-ATPase. These results indicate that ClC-2 may not be a Cl- -transporting protein for gastric acid secretion in parietal cells.