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Title: Long QT syndrome mutation detection by SNaPshot technique.

Authors: Jeanett Edelmann, Stefanie Schumann, Marina Nastainczyk, Daniela Husser-Bollmann, Rüdiger Lessig

Journal, date & volume: Int. J. Legal Med., 2012 Nov , 126, 969-73

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Long QT syndrome (LQTS) is a cardiac disorder with an abnormality of cardiac rhythm associated with sudden death especially in younger, apparently healthy individuals. If there is no clear cause of death detectable during comprehensive coroner's inquest (autopsy-negative cases), you have to consider LQTS and other heritable arrhythmia syndromes. A molecular genetic screening regarding mutations in associated genes can help to ensure the cause of death and to protect affected family members. Genetic testing of LQTS, currently performed mainly by sequencing, is still very expensive and time consuming. With this study we present a rapid and reasonable method for the simultaneously screening of some of the most common mutations associated with LQTS, focused on the KCNQ1 and KCNH2 genes. With the method of SNaPshot minisequencing, a total of 58 mutations were analyzed in four multiplex assays which were successfully established and optimized. The comparison with samples previously analyzed by direct sequencing showed concordance. Furthermore, autopsy-negative cases were tested but no mutations could be observed in any of the specimen. The presented method is well suitable for LQTS mutation screening. An enhancement to further mutations and population-based investigations regarding mutation frequencies should be the aim of prospective studies.