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Title: Visuomotor performance in KCNJ11-related neonatal diabetes is impaired in children with DEND-associated mutations and may be improved by early treatment with sulfonylureas.

Authors: Reshma P Shah, Karen Spruyt, Brigette C Kragie, Siri Atma W Greeley, Michael E Msall

Journal, date & volume: Diabetes Care, 2012 Oct , 35, 2086-8

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To assess performance on an age-standardized neuromotor coordination task among sulfonylurea-treated KCNJ11-related neonatal diabetic patients.Nineteen children carrying KCNJ11 mutations associated with isolated diabetes (R201H; n = 8), diabetes with neurodevelopmental impairment (V59M or V59A [V59M/A]; n = 8), or diabetes not consistently associated with neurodevelopmental disability (Y330C, E322K, or R201C; n = 3) were studied using the age-standardized Beery-Buktenica Developmental Test of Visual-Motor Integration (VMI).Although R201H subjects tested in the normal range (median standard score = 107), children with V59M/A mutations had significantly lower than expected VMI standard scores (median = 49). The scores for all three groups were significantly different from each other (P = 0.0017). The age of sulfonylurea initiation was inversely correlated with VMI scores in the V59M/A group (P < 0.05).Neurodevelopmental disability in KCNJ11-related diabetes includes visuomotor problems that may be ameliorated by early sulfonylurea treatment. Comprehensive longitudinal assessment on larger samples will be imperative.