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Title: Amperometric microbiosensor as an alternative tool for investigation of D-serine in brain.

Authors: Zainiharyati Mohd Zain, Sulaiman Ab Ghani, Robert D O'Neill

Journal, date & volume: Amino Acids, 2012 Nov , 43, 1887-94

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This paper discusses the application of a reagentless, selective microbiosensor as a useful alternative tool for monitoring D-serine in neural samples. The main components of the 125-μm-diameter disk biosensor were D-amino acid oxidase for D-serine sensitivity (linear region slope, 61 ± 7 μA cm(-2) mM(-1); limit of detection, 20 nM), and poly-phenylenediamine for rejection of electroactive interference. The response time of the biosensor was of the order of 1 s, ideal for 'real-time' monitoring, and detection of systemically administered D-serine in brain extracellular fluid is demonstrated. Exploitation of this probe might resolve queries involving regulation of D-serine in excitotoxicity, and modulation of N-methyl-D-aspartate receptor function by D-serine and glycine in the central nervous system.