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Title: Neuroprotective effects of 17β-estradiol associate with KATP in rat brain.

Authors: Dengwen Zhang, Hui Xia, Lin Xu, Chuanhan Zhang, Wenlong Yao, Yu Wang, Jing Ren, Jinjing Wu, Yuke Tian, Wei Liu, Xueren Wang

Journal, date & volume: Neuroreport, 2012 Nov 14 , 23, 952-7

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Previous studies have indicated that estrogen protects the brain from ischemic damage and regulates K(ATP) channel activity; the present study was designed to address the involvement of K(ATP) channels in the neuroprotective effects of estrogen in focal cerebral ischemia: in experiment 1, K(ATP) mRNA and protein in the cortices of rats were compared among groups of ovariectomized rats (Ovx-1), Sham-operated rats (Sham-1), and ovariectomized rats administered 17β-estradiol (Estr-1). In experiment 2, neurobehavioral scores and infarct volume of rats were evaluated after middle cerebral artery occlusion in ovariectomized rats (Ovx-2), Sham-operated rats (Sham-2), ovariectomized female rats administered 17β-estradiol (Estr-2), and ovariectomized rats administered both 17β-estradiol and stereotactic injections of glibenclamide (Estr+G). Our results showed that the Kir6.2 and SUR1 mRNA and protein levels in the brain cortices of female ovariectomized rats were lower than those in Sham rats. However, the expression levels of Kir6.2 and SUR1 in brain cortices of ovariectomized rats recovered after supplementation with 17β-estradiol. The protective effects of 17β-estradiol were abolished by glibenclamide, a K(ATP) channel blocker. This indicates that estradiol significantly upregulates the expression of K(ATP) channel subunits and channel activity in the brain cortices of ovariectomized rats. This regulation is associated with the neuroprotective effects of estradiol.