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Title: Linalool-rich Rosewood Oil Induces Vago-vagal Bradycardic and Depressor Reflex in Rats.

Authors: Rodrigo José de Siqueira, Karilane Maria Silvino Rodrigues, Moisés Tolentino Bento da Silva, Carlos Antônio Barros Correia Junior, Gloria Pinto Duarte, Pedro Jorge Caldas Magalhães, Armênio Aguiar Dos Santos, José Guilherme Soares Maia, Pergentino José Sousa da Cunha, Saad Lahlou

Journal, date & volume: Phytother Res, 2013 Feb 27 , ,

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Cardiovascular effects of the linalool-rich essential oil of Aniba rosaeodora (here named as EOAR) in normotensive rats were investigated. In anesthetized rats, intravenous (i.v.) injection of EOAR induced dose-dependent biphasic hypotension and bradycardia. Emphasis was given to the first phase (phase 1) of the cardiovascular effects, which is rapid (onset time of 1-3 s) and not observed in animals submitted to bilateral vagotomy or selective blockade of neural conduction of vagal C-fibre afferents by perineural treatment with capsaicin. Phase 1 was also absent when EOAR was directly injected into the left ventricle injection, but it was unaltered by i.v. pretreatment with capsazepine, ondansetron or HC030031. In conscious rats, EOAR induced rapid and monophasic hypotensive and bradycardiac (phase 1) effects that were abolished by i.v. methylatropine. In endothelium-intact aortic rings, EOAR fully relaxed phenylephrine-induced contractions in a concentration-dependent manner. The present findings reveal that phase 1 of the bradycardiac and depressor responses induced by EOAR has a vago-vagal reflex origin resulting from the vagal pulmonary afferents stimulation. Such phenomenon appears not to involve the recruitment of C-fibre afferents expressing 5HT3 receptors or the two chemosensory ion channels TRPV1 and TRPA1 . Phase 2 hypotensive response appears resulting from a direct vasodilatory action.