PubMed 23641312

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Title: Modular Synthesis of the Pentacyclic Core of Batrachotoxin and Select Batrachotoxin Analogue Designs.

Authors: A Sloan Devlin, J Du Bois

Journal, date & volume: Chem Sci, 2013 Mar 1 , 4, 1059-1063

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Pentacyclic analogues of the potent voltage-gated sodium ion channel agonist batrachotoxin can be accessed through an intermediate furan by exploiting Diels-Alder cycloaddition reactions with ring-strained dienophiles. The use of 3-bromofuran as a 1,2-dianion equivalent, the application of carbamate reductive N-alkylation for homomorpholine ring assembly, and the demonstration of CsF as an effective reagent for generating benzyne, cyclohexyne, and related dienophiles underscore this work.