PubMed 23734001

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Automatically associated channels: HCN3 , HCN4 , Kv4.2 , TRP , TRPC , TRPC1 , TRPC3 , TRPC6 , TRPM , TRPM4 , TRPM7

Title: Timing of myocardial trpm7 deletion during cardiogenesis variably disrupts adult ventricular function, conduction, and repolarization.

Authors: Rajan Sah, Pietro Mesirca, Xenos Mason, William Gibson, Christopher Bates-Withers, Marjolein Van den Boogert, Dipayan Chaudhuri, William T Pu, Matteo E Mangoni, David E Clapham

Journal, date & volume: Circulation, 2013 Jul 9 , 128, 101-14

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