PubMed 20734177

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Title: Contributions of T-type voltage-gated calcium channels to postsynaptic calcium signaling within Purkinje neurons.

Authors: Philippe Isope, Michael E Hildebrand, Terrance P Snutch

Journal, date & volume: Cerebellum, 2012 Sep , 11, 651-65

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Low threshold voltage-gated T-type calcium channels have long been implicated in the electrical excitability and calcium signaling of cerebellar Purkinje neurons although the molecular composition, localization, and modulation of T-type channels within Purkinje cells have only recently been addressed. The specific functional roles that T-type channels play in local synaptic integration within Purkinje spines are also currently being unraveled. Overall, Purkinje neurons represent a powerful model system to explore the potential roles of postsynaptic T-type channels throughout the nervous system. In this review, we present an overview of T-type calcium channel biophysical, pharmacological, and physiological characteristics that provides a foundation for understanding T-type channels within Purkinje neurons. We also describe the biophysical properties of T-type channels in context of other voltage-gated calcium channel currents found within Purkinje cells. The data thus far suggest that one specific T-type isoform, Ca(v)3.1, is highly expressed within Purkinje spines and both physically and functionally couples to mGluR1 and other effectors within putative signaling microdomains. Finally, we discuss how the selective potentiation of Ca(v)3.1 channels via activation of mGluR1 by parallel fiber inputs affects local synaptic integration and how this interaction may relate to the overall excitability of Purkinje neuron dendrites.