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Title: Anti-miR-155 oligonucleotide enhances chemosensitivity of U251 cell to taxol by inducing apoptosis.

Authors: Wei Meng, Ling Jiang, Lin Lu, Haiyan Hu, Hailang Yu, Dapeng Ding, Kun Xiao, Wenling Zheng, Hongbo Guo, Wenli Ma

Journal, date & volume: Cell Biol. Int., 2012 Jul , 36, 653-9

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The oncogene, microRNA-155, is significantly elevated in GBM (glioblastoma multiforme), regulating multiple genes associated with cancer cell proliferation, apoptosis and invasiveness. Thus, miR-155 can theoretically become a target for enhancement of the chemotherapy in cancer. Down-regulating miR-155 to enhance the effect of taxol has not been studied in human GBM. Human GBM U251 cells were treated with taxol and the miR-155 inhibitor alone or in combination. IC50 values were dramatically decreased in cells treated with miR-155 inhibitor combined with taxol, to a greater extent than those treated with taxol alone. Furthermore, the miR-155 inhibitor significantly enhanced apoptosis in U251 cells. The data suggest that miR-155 blockage increased the chemosensitivity to taxol in GBM cells, making combined treatment an effective therapeutic strategy for controlling the growth by inhibiting EAG1 expression.