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Title: Cell cycle-dependent subcellular distribution of ClC-3 in HeLa cells.

Authors: Jianwen Mao, Xiaobo Li, Weiqiang Chen, Bin Xu, Haifeng Zhang, Hongzhi Li, Liwei Wang, Xiaobao Jin, Jiayong Zhu, Guixian Lin, Weizhang Wang, Lixin Chen

Journal, date & volume: Histochem. Cell Biol., 2012 Jun , 137, 763-76

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Chloride channel-3 (ClC-3) is suggested to be a component and/or a regulator of the volume-activated Cl(-) channel in the plasma membrane. However, ClC-3 is predominantly located inside cells and the role of intracellular ClC-3 in tumor growth is unknown. In this study, we found that the subcellular distribution of endogenous ClC-3 varied in a cell cycle-dependent manner in HeLa cells. During interphase, ClC-3 was distributed throughout the cell and it accumulated at various positions in different stages. In early G1, ClC-3 was mainly located in the nucleus. In middle G1, ClC-3 gathered around the nuclear periphery as a ring. In late G1, ClC-3 moved back into the nucleus, where it remained throughout S phase. In G2, ClC-3 was concentrated in the cytoplasm. When cells progressed from G2 to the prophase of mitosis, ClC-3 from the cytoplasm translocated into the nucleus. During metaphase and anaphase, ClC-3 was distributed throughout the cell except for around the chromosomes and was aggregated at the spindle poles and in between two chromosomes, respectively. ClC-3 was then again concentrated in the nucleus upon the progression from telophase to cytokinesis. These results reveal a cell cycle-dependent change of the subcellular distribution of ClC-3 and strongly suggest that ClC-3 has nucleocytoplasmic shuttling dynamics that may play key regulatory roles during different stages of the cell cycle in tumor cells.