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Title: Genetics of patent ductus arteriosus susceptibility and treatment.

Authors: Hanine Hajj, John M Dagle

Journal, date & volume: Semin. Perinatol., 2012 Apr , 36, 98-104

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The ductus arteriosus is a vital fetal structure designed to close shortly after birth. Although many physiologic and pharmacologic investigations have characterized the closure of this structure, genetic studies of persistent patency of the ductus arteriosus (patent ductus arteriosus, PDA) are relatively recent. Progress in the identification of specific genes associated with PDA is well behind that of many adult-onset diseases because of several reasons ranging from the lack of large biorepositories for this unique population to the belief that any genetic contribution to PDA is minimal. Viewing the PDA as a complex, developmentally influenced disease with both genetic and environmental risk factors has resulted in initial successes in some genetic studies. We will introduce several genetic approaches, which have been or are currently being applied to the study of PDA, that have been successful in identifying polymorphisms associated with adult diseases. Genetic investigations of PDA will be discussed with respect to heritability, in general, and to specific risk genes. Several animal models that have been used to study PDA-related genes will also be presented. Further advances in discovering genetic variation causing PDA will drive the more rational use of current therapies, and may help identify currently unknown targets for future therapeutic manipulation.