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Title: Genetic complementation of the obligate marine actinobacterium Salinispora tropica with the large mechanosensitive channel gene mscL rescues cells from osmotic downshock.

Authors: Sergio A Bucarey, Kevin Penn, Lauren Paul, William Fenical, Paul R Jensen

Journal, date & volume: Appl. Environ. Microbiol., 2012 Jun , 78, 4175-82

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Marine actinomycetes in the genus Salinispora fail to grow when seawater is replaced with deionized (DI) water in complex growth media. While bioinformatic analyses have led to the identification of a number of candidate marine adaptation genes, there is currently no experimental evidence to support the genetic basis for the osmotic requirements associated with this taxon. One hypothesis is that the lineage-specific loss of mscL is responsible for the failure of strains to grow in media prepared with DI water. The mscL gene encodes a conserved transmembrane protein that reduces turgor pressure under conditions of acute osmotic downshock. In the present study, the mscL gene from a Micromonospora strain capable of growth on media prepared with DI water was transformed into S. tropica strain CNB-440. The single-copy, chromosomal genetic complementation yielded a recombinant Salinispora mscL(+) strain that demonstrated an increased capacity to survive osmotic downshock. The enhanced survival of the S. tropica transformant provides experimental evidence that the loss of mscL is associated with the failure of Salinispora spp. to grow in low-osmotic-strength media.