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Title: Advancing management of hypertension through pharmacogenomics.

Authors: Julie A Johnson

Journal, date & volume: Ann. Med., 2012 Jun , 44 Suppl 1, S17-22

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Hypertension is the most common, chronic disease in the world, and there are many effective pharmacological agents available for its treatment. Despite the plethora of treatment options, data across the globe suggest that blood pressure control rates are < 50%, a fact likely influenced in part by the inability to predict the antihypertensive drug likely to be most effective for an individual patient. Pharmacogenomics in hypertension holds the promise of identifying genetic biomarkers for antihypertensive drug response, which might be used in the future in treatment selection. Research in the field is also likely to enhance our understanding of hypertension and the mechanisms by which the various drugs produce efficacy. There are several examples in the literature of genes with relatively strong data on associations of genetic polymorphisms with antihypertensive response; the data on ADRB1, CACNB2, and NEDD4L are detailed as examples. Substantial additional data in hypertension pharmacogenomics are expected to be forthcoming from recently completed genome-wide association studies. Increased collaboration among research groups will help insure successful discoveries from these large-scale studies. The next decade should clearly define the potential clinical implications of the research in hypertension pharmacogenomics that is currently in progress.