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Title: A functional polymorphism on chromosome 15q25 associated with survival of early stage non-small-cell lung cancer.

Authors: Guang Jin, Eun Young Bae, Enyue Yang, Eung Bae Lee, Won-Kee Lee, Jin Eun Choi, Hyo-Sung Jeon, Seung Soo Yoo, Shin Yup Lee, Jaehee Lee, Sung Ick Cha, Chang Ho Kim, Sukki Cho, Sanghoon Jheon, Jae Yong Park

Journal, date & volume: J Thorac Oncol, 2012 May , 7, 808-14

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The 15q25 region has been associated with lung-cancer risk and might also be associated with the prognosis of lung cancer. This study was conducted to determine the impact of a functional polymorphism in the CHRNA3 gene on chromosome 15q25 in the survival of patients with early-stage non-small-cell lung cancer (NSCLC).Five hundred and eighty-three consecutive patients with surgically resected NSCLC were enrolled. The rs6495309C > T polymorphism in the promoter of the CHRNA3 gene was investigated. The association between genotype and overall survival (OS) and disease-free survival (DFS) was analyzed.Patients with the rs6495309 CT or TT genotype had a significantly better OS and DFS than the rs6495309 CC genotype (adjusted hazard ratio for OS = 0.56, 95% confidence interval = 0.41-0.75, p = 0.0001; and adjusted hazard ratio for DFS = 0.61, 95% confidence interval = 0.48-0.79, p = 0.0001). An association between the rs6495309C > T polymorphism and survival outcome was demonstrated in smokers and never-smokers, and in squamous-cell carcinomas and adenocarcinomas.The CHRNA3 rs6495309C > T polymorphism may affect survival in patients with early-stage NSCLC. Analysis of the rs6495309C > T polymorphism can help identify patients at high risk of a poor disease outcome.