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Title: [Cardiac sinus node dysfunction due to a new mutation of the SCN5A gene].

Authors: J-B Selly, B Boumahni, A Edmar, K Jamal Bey, H Randrianaivo, G Clerici, G Millat, D Caillet

Journal, date & volume: Arch Pediatr, 2012 Aug , 19, 837-41

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A 10-year-old child was hospitalized for bradycardia during a viral infection with chikungunya. His history showed unexplored episodes of bradycardia. Cardiologic explorations revealed cardiac sinus node dysfunction (SD). Mutational screening of the SCN5A gene showed that this case was a compound heterozygote for p.Ala735Val and p.Asp1792Asn missense mutants. Five years later, the child underwent a pacemaker insertion after an electrophysiological study performed during an atrial flutter access.