PubMed 22809667

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Title: Glucose-sensitivity of the afterhyperpolarization potential: role of SK1 channel in insulin-secreting cells.

Authors: Marilou A Andres

Journal, date & volume: Gen. Comp. Endocrinol., 2012 Sep 15 , 178, 459-62

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The role of the small-conductance, calcium-activated SK potassium channel in regulating pancreatic β cell function remains controversial with conflicting pharmacological results. In this study, we used current clamp recordings to further characterize the function of SK channels in INS-1 cell line. We compared afterhyperpolarization potential (AHP) responses of SK1-downregulated cells with those of control INS-1 cells. They were tested with and without the presence of glucose. We found that cells in which SK1 channel subunit expression had been downregulated exhibited AHPs in the presence of 20mM glucose while control INS-1 cells had AHPs only in the absence of glucose. Our findings show that the glucose-dependence of the AHP in the rat INS-1 cell line depends only on SK1 channel subunit expression.