PubMed 22842145

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Automatically associated channels: NOMPC , TRP , TRPN

Title: Direct gating and mechanical integrity of Drosophila auditory transducers require TRPN1.

Authors: Thomas Effertz, Björn Nadrowski, David Piepenbrock, Jörg T Albert, Martin C Göpfert

Journal, date & volume: Nat. Neurosci., 2012 Sep , 15, 1198-200

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The elusive transduction channels for hearing are directly gated mechanically by the pull of gating springs. We found that the transient receptor potential (TRP) channel TRPN1 (NOMPC) is essential for this direct gating of Drosophila auditory transduction channels and that the channel-spring complex was disrupted if TRPN1 was lost. Our results identify TRPN1 as a mechanical constituent of the fly's auditory transduction complex that may act as the channel and/or gating spring.