PubMed 22990458

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Automatically associated channels: TRP , TRPM , TRPM6 , TRPM7

Title: The role of Mg(2+) in immune cells.

Authors: Katherine Brandao, Francina Deason-Towne, Anne-Laure Perraud, Carsten Schmitz

Journal, date & volume: Immunol. Res., 2013 Mar , 55, 261-9

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The physiological and clinical relevance of Mg(2+) has evolved over the last decades. The molecular identification of multiple Mg(2+) transporters (Acdp2, MagT1, Mrs2, Paracellin-1, SLC41A1, SLC41A2, TRPM6 and TRPM7) and their biophysical characterization in recent years has improved our understanding of Mg(2+) homeostasis regulation and has provided a basis for investigating the role of Mg(2+) in the immune system. Deletions and mutations of Mg(2+) transporters produce severe phenotypes with more systemic symptoms than those seen with Ca(2+) channel deletions, which tend to be more specific and less profound. Deficiency of the Mg(2+) permeable ion channels TRPM6 or TRPM7 in mice is lethal at embryonic day 12.5 or at day 6.5, respectively, and, even more surprisingly, chicken DT40 B cells lacking TRPM7 die after 24-48 h. Recent progress made in Mg(2+) research has helped to define underlying mechanisms of two hereditary diseases, human Hypomagnesemia (TRPM6 deletion) and X-chromosomal immunodeficiency (MagT1 deletion), and has revealed a potential new role for Mg(2+) as a second messenger. Future elucidation of human Mg(2+) transporters (Mrs2, SLC41A1, SLC41A2, TRPM7) expressed in immunocytes, beyond MagT1 and TRPM6, will widen our knowledge about the potential role of Mg(2+) in the activation of the immune response.