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Automatically associated channels: TRP , TRPM , TRPM6 , TRPM7

Title: Sphingosine and the Transient Receptor Potential channel kinase(s).

Authors: Tibor Rohacs

Journal, date & volume: Br. J. Pharmacol., 2012 Nov 27 , ,

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Transient receptor potential melastatin 7 (TRPM7) is a multifunctional ion channel playing crucial roles during development. TRPM7 is a member of the highly diverse TRP ion channel family. Most TRP channels are regulated by membrane phospholipids, especially phosphoinositides. In this issue of the British Journal of Pharmacology, Qin et al. describes the regulation of TRPM7 and its close homologue TRPM6 by a different kind of membrane lipid: sphingosine. The study finds that sphingosine is a potent and specific inhibitor of TRPM7 and TRPM6 channels. This commentary briefly summarizes the findings of the study, their potential significance and discusses open question and future directions.