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Title: Analysis of the type 2 diabetes-associated single nucleotide polymorphisms in the genes IRS1, KCNJ11, and PPARG2 in type 1 diabetes.

Authors: Christina Eftychi, Joanna M M Howson, Bryan J Barratt, Adrian Vella, Felicity Payne, Deborah J Smyth, Rebecca C J Twells, Neil M Walker, Helen E Rance, Eva Tuomilehto-Wolf, Jaakko Tuomilehto, Dag E Undlien, Kjersti S Rønningen, Cristian Guja, Constantin Ionescu-Tîirgovişte, David A Savage, John A Todd

Journal, date & volume: Diabetes, 2004 Mar , 53, 870-3

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It has been proposed that type 1 and 2 diabetes might share common pathophysiological pathways and, to some extent, genetic background. However, to date there has been no convincing data to establish a molecular genetic link between them. We have genotyped three single nucleotide polymorphisms associated with type 2 diabetes in a large type 1 diabetic family collection of European descent: Gly972Arg in the insulin receptor substrate 1 (IRS1) gene, Glu23Lys in the potassium inwardly-rectifying channel gene (KCNJ11), and Pro12Ala in the peroxisome proliferative-activated receptor gamma2 gene (PPARG2). We were unable to confirm a recently published association of the IRS1 Gly972Arg variant with type 1 diabetes. Moreover, KCNJ11 Glu23Lys showed no association with type 1 diabetes (P > 0.05). However, the PPARG2 Pro12Ala variant showed evidence of association (RR 1.15, 95% CI 1.04-1.28, P = 0.008). Additional studies need to be conducted to confirm this result.