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Title: Second-order input to the medial amygdala from olfactory sensory neurons expressing the transduction channel TRPM5.

Authors: John A Thompson, Ernesto Salcedo, Diego Restrepo, Thomas E Finger

Journal, date & volume: J. Comp. Neurol., 2012 Jun 1 , 520, 1819-30

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Recent anatomical tracing experiments in rodents have established that a subset of mitral cells in the main olfactory bulb (MOB) projects directly to the medial amygdala (MeA), traditionally considered a target of the accessory olfactory bulb. Neurons that project from the MOB to the MeA also show activation in response to conspecific (opposite sex) volatile urine exposure, establishing a direct role of the MOB in semiochemical processing. In addition, olfactory sensory neurons (OSNs) that express the transient receptor potential M5 (TRPM5) channel innervate a subset of glomeruli that respond to putative semiochemical stimuli. In this study, we examined whether the subset of glomeruli targeted by TRPM5-expressing OSNs is innervated by the population of mitral cells that projects to the MeA. We injected the retrograde tracer cholera toxin B (CTB) into the MeA of mice in which the TRPM5 promoter drives green fluorescent protein (GFP). We found overlapping clusters of CTB-labeled mitral cell dendritic branches (CTB(+) ) in TRPM5-GFP(+) glomeruli at significantly greater frequency than expected by chance. Despite the significant degree of colocalization, some amygdalopetal mitral cells extended dendrites to non-TRPM5-GFP glomeruli and vice versa, suggesting that, although significant overlapping glomerular innervation is observed between these two features, it is not absolute.