PubMed 22554521

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Title: The upregulation of TRPC6 contributes to Ca²⁺ signaling and actin assembly in human mesangial cells after chronic hypoxia.

Authors: Chang Liao, He Yang, Rui Zhang, Hui Sun, Bo Zhao, Chunshou Gao, Furong Zhu, Jundong Jiao

Journal, date & volume: Biochem. Biophys. Res. Commun., 2012 May 18 , 421, 750-6

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There is increasing evidence that mesangial cells are important targets of chronic hypoxia injury. Impaired Ca(2+) signaling has been found in mesangial cells (MCs) subjected to chronic hypoxia. However, the mechanisms underlying this phenomenon have not yet been defined. In the present study, we found that chronic hypoxia enhanced the expression of TRPC6 and TRPC6-dependent Ca(2+) entry, and TRPC6 knockdown inhibited the chronic hypoxia-induced increase in [Ca(2+)]i, suggesting that TRPC6-mediated Ca(2+) entry is responsible for the elevated [Ca(2+)]i induced by chronic hypoxia in MCs. In addition, TRPC6 knockdown attenuated chronic hypoxia-induced actin assembly and actin reorganization. We concluded that the upregulation of TRPC6 is involved in the Ca(2+) signaling and actin assembly in human MCs after chronic hypoxia. These findings provide new insight into the mechanisms underlying the cellular response of MCs to hypoxia.