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Title: Large Pore Ion and Metabolite-Permeable Channel Regulation of Postnatal Ventricular Zone Neural Stem and Progenitor Cells: Interplay between Aquaporins, Connexins, and Pannexins?

Authors: Leigh E Wicki-Stordeur, Leigh Anne Swayne

Journal, date & volume: Stem Cells Int, 2012 , 2012, 454180

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The birth of new neurons from unspecialized neural stem and progenitor cells surrounding the lateral ventricles occurs throughout postnatal life. This process, termed neurogenesis, is complex and multistepped, encompassing several types of cellular behaviours, such as proliferation, differentiation, and migration. These behaviours are influenced by numerous factors present in the unique, permissive microenvironment. A major cellular mechanism for sensing the plethora of environmental cues directing this process is the presence of different channel forming proteins spanning the plasma membrane. So-called large pore membrane channels, which are selective for the passage of specific types of small molecules and ions, are emerging as an important subgroup of channel proteins. Here, we focus on the roles of three such large pore channels, aquaporin 4, connexin 43, and pannexin 1. We highlight both their independent functions as well as the accumulating evidence for crosstalk between them.