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Title: What can be done when asymptomatic patients discover they have Brugada syndrome? A case report of Brugada syndrome.

Authors: Andrea Duarte Doetzer, Vanessa Santos Sotomaior, Marcos Henrique Bubna, Salmo Raskin

Journal, date & volume: Int. J. Cardiol., 2011 Aug 4 , 150, e96-7

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Brugada syndrome is an inherited cardiac disorder associated with a specific electrocardiographic pattern, involving ST segment elevation in leads V1 to V3. When not spontaneously terminated, it can lead to ventricular fibrillation and sudden death. We present a case report of a young male whose brother suffered a sudden cardiac arrest while playing soccer. A novel mutation c.2678G>A was detected on the gene SCN5A through molecular diagnosis. The mutation was shown to be present in the individual, his daughter and his other brother. For patients with previous ventricular fibrillation and/or syncope, implantable cardiac device (ICD) is recommended. However, how can patients without symptoms but with a clear diagnosis prevent cardiac arrest?