PubMed 22074920

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Automatically associated channels: Cav2.1

Title: Molecular determinants of modulation of CaV2.1 channels by visinin-like protein 2.

Authors: Evanthia Nanou, Gilbert Q Martinez, Todd Scheuer, William A Catterall

Journal, date & volume: J. Biol. Chem., 2012 Jan 2 , 287, 504-13

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CaV2.1 channels, which conduct P/Q-type Ca2+ currents, initiate synaptic transmission at most synapses in the central nervous system. Ca2+/calmodulin-dependent facilitation and inactivation of these channels contributes to short-term facilitation and depression of synaptic transmission, respectively. Other calcium sensor proteins displace calmodulin (CaM) from its binding site, differentially regulate CaV2.1 channels, and contribute to the diversity of short-term synaptic plasticity. The neuronal calcium sensor protein visinin-like protein 2 (VILIP-2) inhibits inactivation and enhances facilitation of CaV2.1 channels. Here we examine the molecular determinants for differential regulation of CaV2.1 channels by VILIP-2 and CaM by construction and functional analysis of chimeras in which the functional domains of VILIP-2 are substituted in CaM. Our results show that the N-terminal domain, including its myristoylation site, the central α-helix, and the C-terminal lobe containing EF-hands 3 and 4 of VILIP-2 are sufficient to transfer its regulatory properties to CaM. This regulation by VILIP-2 requires binding to the IQ-like domain of CaV2.1 channels. Our results identify the essential molecular determinants of differential regulation of CaV2.1 channels by VILIP-2 and define the molecular code that these proteins use to control short-term synaptic plasticity.