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Title: Association of cold receptor TRPM8 gene polymorphism with blood lipid indices and anthropometric parameters in Shorians.

Authors: T A Potapova, N S Yudin, I V Pilipenko, V F Kobsev, A G Romashchenko, E V Shakhtshneider, M Yu Ogarkov, M I Voevoda

Journal, date & volume: Bull. Exp. Biol. Med., 2011 Jun , 151, 223-6

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We analyzed single nucleotide polymorphisms of the cold receptor TRPM8 gene as genetic markers of blood serum lipid indices in Shorians. Associations were found between rs11562975 (L250L) TRPM8 gene mononucleotide polymorphism with total cholesterol and LDL cholesterol and between rs28901637 (P249P) and HDL cholesterol. No associations of P249P and L250L with triglyceride level were found. L250L polymorphism was associated with anthropometric parameters characterizing lipid metabolism (hip and waist circumferences). The TRPM8 gene is likely to be involved in the regulation of lipid metabolism.