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Title: [Age-dependent changes of the autonomic neurons expressing vanilloid TRPV1 receptors].

Authors: A A Korobkin, A I Emanuilov, M B Korzina, O A Vasil'eva, V V Porseva, P M Masliukov

Journal, date & volume: Ross Fiziol Zh Im I M Sechenova, 2011 Nov , 97, 1247-53

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Expression of vanilloid receptors in sympathetic and afferent ganglionic neurons was studied in rats of different ages (newborn, 10-day old, 20-day old, 30-day old, 60-, 180-day old) using immunohistochemical methods. The results obtained indicate that the majority of the afferent neurons in the nodose ganglion of vagus nerve (GNVN) and in the spinal ganglia (SG) were TRPV1-positive from birth onwards. The percentage of neurons containing TRPVT receptors in SG slightly increased with age up to 30 days postnatally. In the GNVN, the percentage of TRPV1-positive neurons was higher in comparison with the SG in all age groups. The vast majority of the sympathetic neurons were TRPV1-positive from birth onwards, and the percentage of TRPV1-immunoreactive neurons substantially decreased during further development. In 20-day old and older animals, we observed only few TRPV1-immunoreactive neurons in sympathetic ganglia. Finally, the percentage of neurons containing these types of neurons, become similar to adult animals to the end of the first month of life.