PubMed 22437257

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Title: Chiral uranium phosphonates constructed from achiral units with three-dimensional frameworks.

Authors: Juan Diwu, Thomas E Albrecht-Schmitt

Journal, date & volume: Chem. Commun. (Camb.), 2012 Apr 21 , 48, 3827-9

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Two chiral, porous uranium methylenediphosphonates, [C(2)H(10)N(2)]{UO(2)[CH(2)(PO(3))(2)]}·H(2)O (UC1P2N-1) and [N(C(2)H(5))(4)]K{(UO(2))(3)[CH(2)(PO(3))(2)](2)(H(2)O)(2)}·1.5H(2)O (KUC1P2-1), have been synthesized without chiral starting materials. Both compounds display channels ~1 × 1 nm that are large enough for these materials to conduct ion-exchange with coordination complexes such as [Co(en)(3)](3+).