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Title: [ClC-3 siRNA inhibits regulatory volume decrease in nasopharyngeal carcinoma cells].

Authors: Dong Ye, Hai-Feng Zhang, Lin-Yan Zhu, Li-Wei Wang, Li-Xin Chen

Journal, date & volume: Nan Fang Yi Ke Da Xue Xue Bao, 2011 Feb , 31, 216-20

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To investigate the role of ClC-3 chloride channels in regulatory volume decrease (RVD) of nasopharyngeal carcinoma (NPC) CNE-2Z cells.?ClC-3 siRNA was transfected into CNE-2Z cells in the presence of the transfection reagent HiPerFect Reagent(TM). The transfection efficiency of ClC-3 siRNA was detected by flow cytometry. The expression of ClC-3 protein was detected by Western blotting, and the changes of cell volume in 160 mOsmol/L hypotonic solution were determined by image analysis.The transfection efficiency of ClC-3 siRNA was (63.8∓3.8)% (n=3, P<0.01), and compared with the control group, ClC-3 siRNA transfection resulted in a reduction of ClC-3 expression by (60.9∓4.0)% (n=3, P<0.01). The hypotonic challege (160 mOsmol/L) caused cell swelling and induced RVD. In the control group, hypotonic solution bath for 35 min resulted in a RVD of (42.6∓2.8)% (n=20), which was significantly decreased to (10.5∓4.8)% (n=16) in ClC-3 siRNA-transfected cells, demonstrating a reduction of RVD capacity by 75.4% (P<0.01).?The capacity of RVD is significantly reduced in CNE-2Z cells by ClC-3 chloride channel protein knock-down via ClC-3 siRNA transfection, indicating an important role of ClC-3 chloride channels in the RVD of CNE-2Z cells.