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Title: Uptake and translocation of arsenite by Pteris vittata L.: effects of glycerol, antimonite and silver.

Authors: Shiny Mathews, Bala Rathinasabapathi, Lena Q Ma

Journal, date & volume: Environ. Pollut., 2011 Dec , 159, 3490-5

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AsIII uptake in living cells is through aquaglyceroporin transporters, but it is unknown in arsenic-hyperaccumulator Pteris vittata. We investigated the effects of AsIII analogs glycerol and antimonite (SbIII) at 0-100 mM and aquaporin inhibitor AgNO(3) at 0-0.1 mM on the uptake of 0.1 mM AsIII or AsV by P. vittata over 1-2 h. Glycerol or SbIII didn't impact AsIII or AsV uptake by P. vittata (p < 0.05), with As concentrations in the fronds and roots being 4.4-6.3 and 3.9-6.2 mg/kg. However, 0.01 mM AgNO(3) reduced As concentrations in the fronds and roots by 64% and 58%. Hence, AsIII uptake in P. vittata might be via an aquaporin transporter different from glycerol and SbIII transporters. Further as AsIII analogs and aquaporin inhibitor had no impact on AsV uptake, AsIII and AsV were likely taken up by different transporters in P. vittata. Our results imply a different AsIII transporter in P. vittata from other plants.