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Title: Transient receptor potential ankyrin 1: emerging pharmacology and indications for cardiovascular biology.

Authors: J V Bodkin, S D Brain

Journal, date & volume: Acta Physiol (Oxf), 2011 Sep , 203, 87-98

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Transient receptor potential anykrin 1 (TRPA1) is a member of the TRP superfamily, representing the sole member of the TRPA subfamily. It has many identified endogenous and exogenous agonists, comprising largely of chemical irritants and products of oxidative stress. Classically located on sensory neurone endings, TRPA1 has developed a strong presence in pain and inflammatory studies, where it is now becoming an intriguing clinical drug target. TRPA1 is increasingly recognized in a growing number of neuronal and non-neuronal locations with expanding expression and activity profiles providing evidence of a role for TRPA1 in other systems. Interest in discovering the pharmacological and functional roles of TRPA1 is increasing and diversifying into many areas. Historically, compounds now known as TRPA1 agonists have demonstrated cardiovascular activity, modulating activities in both the heart and the vasculature. Now TRPA1 has been identified as the receptor via which these compounds can act, these studies are being revisited and expanded on using current techniques. It is therefore timely to review the current knowledge of TRPA1 receptor presence and activities of relevance to the cardiovascular system, summarizing findings to date and identifying potential areas for future investigation.