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Title: Two distinct aspects of coupling between Gα(i) protein and G protein-activated K+ channel (GIRK) revealed by fluorescently labeled Gα(i3) protein subunits.

Authors: Shai Berlin, Vladimir A Tsemakhovich, Ruth Castel, Tatiana Ivanina, Carmen W Dessauer, Tal Keren-Raifman, Nathan Dascal

Journal, date & volume: J. Biol. Chem., 2011 Sep 23 , 286, 33223-35

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G protein-activated K(+) channels (Kir3 or GIRK) are activated by direct interaction with Gβγ. Gα is essential for specific signaling and regulates basal activity of GIRK (I(basal)) and kinetics of the response elicited by activation by G protein-coupled receptors (I(evoked)). These regulations are believed to occur within a GIRK-Gα-Gβγ signaling complex. Fluorescent energy resonance transfer (FRET) studies showed strong GIRK-Gβγ interactions but yielded controversial results regarding the GIRK-Gα(i/o) interaction. We investigated the mechanisms of regulation of GIRK by Gα(i/o) using wild-type Gα(i3) (Gα(i3)WT) and Gα(i3) labeled at three different positions with fluorescent proteins, CFP or YFP (xFP). Gα(i3)xFP proteins bound the cytosolic domain of GIRK1 and interacted with Gβγ in a guanine nucleotide-dependent manner. However, only an N-terminally labeled, myristoylated Gα(i3)xFP (Gα(i3)NT) closely mimicked all aspects of Gα(i3)WT regulation except for a weaker regulation of I(basal). Gα(i3) labeled with YFP within the Gα helical domain preserved regulation of I(basal) but failed to restore fast I(evoked). Titrated expression of Gα(i3)NT and Gα(i3)WT confirmed that regulation of I(basal) and of the kinetics of I(evoked) of GIRK1/2 are independent functions of Gα(i). FRET and direct biochemical measurements indicated much stronger interaction between GIRK1 and Gβγ than between GIRK1 and Gα(i3). Thus, Gα(i/o)βγ heterotrimer may be attached to GIRK primarily via Gβγ within the signaling complex. Our findings support the notion that Gα(i/o) actively regulates GIRK. Although regulation of I(basal) is a function of Gα(i)(GDP), our new findings indicate that regulation of kinetics of I(evoked) is mediated by Gα(i)(GTP).