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Title: A pathway to insulin independence in newborns and infants with diabetes.

Authors: S Shahawy, N K Chan, S Ellard, E Young, H Shahawy, J Mace, R Peverini, R Chinnock, P R Njolstad, A T Hattersley, E Hathout

Journal, date & volume: J Perinatol, 2011 Aug , 31, 567-70

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Permanent neonatal diabetes was previously assumed to require insulin injection or infusion for life. Recently, permanent neonatal diabetes resulting from mutations in the two protein subunits of the adenosine triphosphate-sensitive potassium channel (Kir6.2 and SUR1) has proven to be successfully treatable with high doses of sulfonylureas rather than insulin. Many patients with these mutations first develop hyperglycemia in the nursery or intensive care unit. The awareness of the neonatolgist of this entity can have dramatic effects on the long-term care and quality of life of these patients and their families. In this study, we present the experience of our center, highlighting aspects relevant to neonatal diagnosis and treatment.