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Title: Segmental and subcellular distribution of CFTR in the kidney.

Authors: François Jouret, Pierre J Courtoy, Olivier Devuyst

Journal, date & volume: Methods Mol. Biol., 2011 , 741, 285-99

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Besides its location at the plasma membrane, CFTR is present in intracellular vesicles along both the exocytic and the endocytic pathways. Immunostaining and subcellular fractionation studies of mouse kidney demonstrate that CFTR is located in endosomes of the cells lining the terminal part of the proximal tubule (PT). The PT cells efficiently reabsorb the ultrafiltered low molecular weight (LMW) proteins by apical endocytosis involving the multiligand receptors megalin and cubilin. The progression from early endosomes to lysosomes depends on the integrity of the cytoskeleton, as well as on vesicular acidification. The latter is mediated by the vacuolar H+-ATPase (V-ATPase) and requires an anionic conductance to dissipate the transmembrane potential gradient. CFTR might ensure such chloride conductance, thereby participating to endosomal acidification and protein uptake by PT cells. Immunostaining with well-characterized antibodies shows that CFTR is located in the terminal segment of PT, where it co-distributes with megalin and cubilin. Subcellular fractionation of total mouse kidneys through Percoll gradients demonstrates the co-localization of CFTR with the V-ATPase and early endosome markers including the Cl-/H+ exchanger, ClC-5, and the small GTPase, Rab5a. Deglycosylation studies and immunoblotting show a distinct glycosylation pattern for CFTR in mouse kidney and lung. The segmental and subcellular distribution of CFTR in mouse kidney supports a role for CFTR in PT receptor-mediated endocytosis of ultrafiltered LMW proteins.