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Title: [The expression of genes encoding the voltage-dependent L-type Ca2+ channels in proliferating and differentiating C2C12 myoblasts of mice].

Authors: A M Krasnyĭ, N D Ozerniuk

Journal, date & volume: Izv. Akad. Nauk. Ser. Biol., 2011 May-Jun , , 349-53

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Votage-dependent L-type Ca+ channels of the C2C12 line myoblasts of mice have been studied at the stage of proliferation and 24 h after the beginning of differentiation. The expression of genes Cacna1s, Cacna1S, Cacna1d, and Cacna1f, which encode channel forming subunits alpha1S, alpha1C, alph1D, and alpha1F, respectively, has been assessed. The expression of genes Cacna2d and Cacn1g, which encode the alpha2, delta, and gamma regulatory subunits, has been studied as well. For the first time, the expression of Cacnald, which is typical for nerve cells, units, has been revealed in proliferating myoblasts, whereas in differentiating mononuclear myoblasts the expression of this gene was significantly decreased. On the contrary, the low level of expression of Cacnal IS, which encodes the specific alpha1S channel forming subunit of skeletal muscles, has been observed in proliferating myoblasts, whereas in differentiating mononuclear myoblasts it has been shown to increase multifold. No considerable changes in expression of Cacna2d and Cacn 1g have been revealed in proliferating and differentiating myoblasts. No traces of expression of Cacna1c and Cacna1f have been revealed in myoblasts.