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Title: EGF enhances the migration of cancer cells by up-regulation of TRPM7.

Authors: Haixia Gao, Xingjuan Chen, Xiaona Du, Bingcai Guan, Yani Liu, Hailin Zhang

Journal, date & volume: , 2011 Oct 4 , ,

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Ion channels involved in the migration of tumor cells that is required for their invasion and metastasis. In this paper, we describe the interaction of TRPM7 channel and epidermal growth factor (EGF), an important player in cancer development in the migration of lung cancer cells. The TRPM7 currents in A549 cells were first characterized by means of electrophysiology, pharmacology and RNA interference. Removing Ca(2+) from the extracellular solution not only potentiated a large inward current, but also abolished the outward rectification. 200μM 2-APB inhibited the outward and the inward TRPM7 currents and at the same time restored the property of outward rectification. EGF greatly enhanced the migration of A549 cells, and also markedly up-regulated the membrane protein expression of TRPM7 and the amplitude of TRPM7 currents. Depressing the function of TRPM7 with RNA interference or pharmacological agents not only reversed the EGF-enhanced migration of A549 cells but also inhibited the basal migration of A549 cells in the absence of EGF. Thus it seems that TRPM7 plays a pivotal role in the migration of A549 cells induced by EGF and thus could be a potential therapeutic target in lung cancers.