PubMed 15516518

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Automatically associated channels: Kir2.1 , Kv10.1

Title: A ring of negative charges in the intracellular vestibule of Kir2.1 channel modulates K+ permeation.

Authors: Hsueh-Kai Chang, Shih-Hao Yeh, Ru-Chi Shieh

Journal, date & volume: Biophys. J., 2005 Jan , 88, 243-54

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The glutamate at site 224 of a Kir2.1 channel plays an important role in K+ permeation. The single-channel inward current flickers with reduced conductance in an E224G mutant. We show that open-channel fluctuations can also be observed in E224C, E224K, and E224Q mutants. Yet, open-channel fluctuations were not observed in either the wild-type or an E224D mutant. Introducing a negatively charged methanethiosulfonate reagent to the E224C mutant irreversibly increased channel conductance and eliminated open-channel fluctuations. These results suggest that although the negatively charged residue 224 is located at the internal vestibule, it is important for smooth inward K+ conduction. We identified a substate in the E224G mutant and showed that open-channel fluctuations are mainly attributed to rapid transitions between the substate and the main state. Also, we characterized the voltage- and ion-dependence of the substate kinetics. The open-channel fluctuations decreased in internal NH4+ or Tl+ as compared to internal K+. These results suggest that NH4+ and Tl+ gate the E224G mutant in a more stable state. Based on an ion-conduction model, we propose that the appearance of the substate in the E224G mutant is due to changes of ion gating in association with variations of ion-ion interaction in the permeation pathway.