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Title: ClC-3 chloride channel prevents apoptosis induced by hydrogen peroxide in basilar artery smooth muscle cells through mitochondria dependent pathway.

Authors: Yan Qian, Yan-Hua Du, Yong-Bo Tang, Xiao-Fei Lv, Jie Liu, Jia-Guo Zhou, Yong-Yuan Guan

Journal, date & volume: Apoptosis, 2011 May , 16, 468-77

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ClC-3 Cl(-) channel plays an important role in cell volume regulation and cell cycle. In vascular smooth muscle cells, we have found that ClC-3 was involved in ET-1 induced cell proliferation. The present study was designed to further investigate the role of ClC-3 Cl(-) channel in H(2)O(2)-induced apoptosis and its underlying mechanisms in rat basilar arterial smooth muscle cell (BASMCs). By using ClC-3 cDNA and small interference RNA (siRNA) transfection strategy, it was found that overexpression of ClC-3 significantly decreased the apoptotic rate of H(2)O(2)-treated BASMCs and increased the cell viability, whereas silencing of ClC-3 with siRNA produced opposite effects and increased the apoptotic rate. ClC-3 overexpression decreased cytochrome C release and caspase-3 activation, and increased both the stability of mitochondrial membrane potential and the ratio of Bcl-2/Bax, whereas silencing of ClC-3 produced opposite effect. Furthermore, we demonstrated that overexpression of ClC-3 attenuated, whereas silencing of ClC-3 facilitated, the degradation of LaminA, one of the structural matrix proteins, in BASMCs. Our data suggest that ClC-3 Cl(-) channel can modulate H(2)O(2)-induced apoptosis in BASMCs via the intrinsic, mitochondrial pathway.