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Title: Enhancement effects of martentoxin on glioma BK channel and BK channel (α+β1) subtypes.

Authors: Jie Tao, Jian Shi, Li Yan, Ying Chen, Yan Hong Duan, Pin Ye, Qi Feng, Jian Wei Zhang, Xue Qin Shu, Yong Hua Ji

Journal, date & volume: PLoS ONE, 2011 , 6, e15896

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BK channels are usually activated by membrane depolarization and cytoplasmic Ca(2+). Especially,the activity of BK channel (α+β4) can be modulated by martentoxin, a 37 residues peptide, with Ca(2+)-dependent manner. gBK channel (glioma BK channel) and BK channel (α+β1) possessed higher Ca(2+) sensitivity than other known BK channel subtypes.The present study investigated the modulatory characteristics of martentoxin on these two BK channel subtypes by electrophysiological recordings, cell proliferation and Ca(2+) imaging. In the presence of cytoplasmic Ca(2+), martentoxin could enhance the activities of both gBK and BK channel (α+β1) subtypes in dose-dependent manner with EC(50) of 46.7 nM and 495 nM respectively, while not shift the steady-state activation of these channels. The enhancement ratio of martentoxin on gBK and BK channel (α+β1) was unrelated to the quantitative change of cytoplasmic Ca(2+) concentrations though the interaction between martentoxin and BK channel (α+β1) was accelerated under higher cytoplasmic Ca(2+). The selective BK pore blocker iberiotoxin could fully abolish the enhancement of these two BK subtypes induced by martentoxin, suggesting that the auxiliary β subunit might contribute to the docking for martentoxin. However, in the absence of cytoplasmic Ca(2+), the activity of gBK channel would be surprisingly inhibited by martentoxin while BK channel (α+β1) couldn't be affected by the toxin.Thus, the results shown here provide the novel evidence that martentoxin could increase the two Ca(2+)-hypersensitive BK channel subtypes activities in a new manner and indicate that β subunit of these BK channels plays a vital role in this enhancement by martentoxin.