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Title: [Expression and clinical significance of calcium-activated chloride channel and mucins in nasal mucosa with allergic rhinitis].

Authors: Wenli Wu, Hongtao Zhen, Yonghua Cui, Hanqi Chu, Lifen Wang

Journal, date & volume: Lin Chung Er Bi Yan Hou Tou Jing Wai Ke Za Zhi, 2010 Mar , 24, 193-5, 199

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To evaluate the role of human calcium-activated chloride channel 1 (hCLCA1) and mucin MUC5AC in allergic rhinitis.The expression of hCLCA1 and MUC5AC were determined by RT-PCR and immunohistochemical assay in nasal mucosa on 20 patients with allergic rhinitis and 7 normal persons.The expression of hCLCA1mRNA in allergic rhinitis group was positive, whereas in normal control group was absent (P<0.01). The expression of MUC5AC mRNA and MUC5AC protein in the allergic rhinitis group were higher than that in the control, respectively (both P<0.01). The increased expression of hCLCA1mRNA in allergic rhinitis group were well correlated with the expression of MUC5ACmRNA and MUC5AC protein and the correlation coefficients were 0.752 and 0.694(both P<0.05).Upregulation of hCLCA1 mRNA expression may play a pivotal role in mucus overproduction in allergic rhinitis group. The inhibition of HCLCA1 expression may provide a new strategy for the treatment of allergic rhinitis.