PubMed 21290292

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Title: TRPC2: of mice but not men.

Authors: Christoffer Löf, Tero Viitanen, Pramod Sukumaran, Kid Törnquist

Journal, date & volume: Adv. Exp. Med. Biol., 2011 , 704, 125-34

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Relatively little is known in regard to the physiological significance of TRPC2 and its regulation or interaction with other calcium regulating signalling molecules. In rodents, however, the importance of TRPC2 is indisputable. In mice, transcripts for TRPC2 have been found in testis, sperm, in neurons in the vomeronasal organ, and both in the dorsal root ganglion and in the brain. In rats, TRPC2 is thought to be expressed exclusively in the vomeronasal organ. In mice, TRPC2 is of importance in regulating both sexual and social behaviour. In sperm, TRPC2 is of importance in the acrosome reaction. This review will summarize the known physiological effects of TRPC2 channels, and the regulation of the function of the channel. In addition, some new preliminary data on the role of TRPC2 in rat thyroid cells will be presented.