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Title: De novo RYR1 heterozygous mutation (I4898T) causing lethal core-rod myopathy in twins.

Authors: Aurelio Hernandez-Lain, Isabelle Husson, Nicole Monnier, Caroline Farnoux, Guy Brochier, Emmanuelle Lacène, Maud Beuvin, Mait Viou, Linda Manéré, Kristl G Claeys, Michel Fardeau, Joël Lunardi, Thomas Voit, Norma Beatriz Romero

Journal, date & volume: Eur J Med Genet, 2011 Jan-Feb , 54, 29-33

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"Core-rod myopathy" is a rare congenital myopathy characterized by the presence of "cores" and "rods" in distinct locations in the same or different muscle fibres. This association is linked currently to mutations in RYR1, NEB and ACTA1 genes. We report identical twins who presented with polyhydramnios and loss of fetal motility during pregnancy; hypotonia, arthrogryposis and swallowing impairment at birth; need of immediate respiratory support and death at 27 and 50 days of life. Muscle biopsies, performed at 27 days of life in twin 1 and at 49 days in twin 2, showed the presence of separate cores and rods in the muscle fibres, both at light and electron microscopy. The molecular analysis showed a heterozygous de novo mutation (Ile4898Thr) of the RYR1 gene. The molecular study of ACTA1, TMP2 and TMP3 genes did not show abnormalities. This is the first report of a lethal form of congenital "core-rod myopathy". The mutation Ile4898Thr has been previously described in central core disease but not in core-rod myopathy. The report enlarges the phenotypic spectrum of "core-rod myopathy" and highlights the morphological variability associated to special RYR1 mutations.