PubMed 21139420

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Automatically associated channels: Cav3.1 , Cav3.2 , Cav3.3

Title: Contributions of T-type calcium channel isoforms to neuronal firing.

Authors: Stuart M Cain, Terrance P Snutch

Journal, date & volume: Channels (Austin), 2010 Nov-Dec , 4, 475-82

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Low voltage-activated (LVA) T-type calcium channels play critical roles in the excitability of many cell types and are a focus of research aimed both at understanding the physiological basis of calcium channel-dependent signaling and the underlying pathophysiology associated with hyperexcitability disorders such as epilepsy.  These channels play a critical role towards neuronal firing in both conducting calcium ions during action potentials and also in switching neurons between distinct modes of firing.  In this review the properties of the CaV3.1, CaV3.2 and CaV3.3 T-type channel isoforms is discussed in relation to their individual contributions to action potentials during burst and tonic firing states as well their roles in switching between firing states.