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Title: Transient receptor potential vanilloid 4 in the European sea bass Dicentrarchus labrax: A candidate protein for osmosensing.

Authors: Maryline Bossus, Guy Charmantier, Catherine Lorin-Nebel

Journal, date & volume: , 2011 May 7 , ,

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The Transient Receptor Potential Vanilloid 4 (TRPV4) protein is a member of the TRP ion channels superfamily that has been proposed as a potential fish osmosensor in previous studies. TRPV4 has been widely studied in mammals, particularly for its involvement in sensing the hypotonicity. The European sea bass, Dicentrarchus labrax, is a euryhaline teleost that is exposed to salinity changes due to its migrations between the sea and estuaries/lagoons. TRPV4 expression and localization in D. labrax was studied in seawater (SW)-adapted fish and in fish exposed to freshwater (FW) over different time-courses from 10 min to 30 days. TRPV4 mRNA expression was detected in gills, kidney and brain. In gills, the expression increased significantly in FW from 24 h to 30 d. In contrast, in the kidney, the TRPV4 expression decreased from 10 min to 7d of exposure to FW and then it increased at 30 d. In the brain, its expression was relatively low in SW compared to other organs and a significant decrease occurred in FW. The TRPV4 protein was localized in the basement membranes in branchial lamellae, the cartilage of gills, the posterior pituitary gland and in the collecting ducts. Possible roles of TRPV4 are discussed.