PubMed 21542321

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Automatically associated channels: TRP , TRPM , TRPM8

Title: [Relationship of single-nucleotide polymorphism rs11562975 in TRPM8 gene with human sensation to cold and menthol].


Journal, date & volume: Fiziol Cheloveka, 2011 Mar-Apr , 37, 71-6

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The examination of people belonging to the Russian ethnic group revealed that 20.3% of subjects had heterozygous genotype, containing the C-allele in single nucleotide polymorphism rs11562975, located in exon 7 of the gene encoding the temperature-sensitive ion channel TRPM8. Functional differences, associated with sensitivity to cold and menthol were identified between subjects with different genotypes of the polymorphism rs11562975 (GG and GC). Subjects with heterozygous genotype GC were characterized by increased sensitivity to cold and reduced sensitivity to menthol, agonist of the ion channel TRPM8, compared with subjects with homozygous genotype GG.