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Title: SAP97 and dystrophin macromolecular complexes determine two pools of cardiac sodium channels Nav1.5 in cardiomyocytes.

Authors: Séverine Petitprez, Anne-Flore Zmoos, Jakob Ogrodnik, Elise Balse, Nour Raad, Saïd El-Haou, Maxime Albesa, Philip Bittihn, Stefan Luther, Stephan E Lehnart, Stéphane N Hatem, Alain Coulombe, Hugues Abriel

Journal, date & volume: Circ. Res., 2011 Feb 4 , 108, 294-304

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The cardiac sodium channel Na(v)1.5 plays a key role in excitability and conduction. The 3 last residues of Na(v)1.5 (Ser-Ile-Val) constitute a PDZ-domain binding motif that interacts with the syntrophin-dystrophin complex. As dystrophin is absent at the intercalated discs, Na(v)1.5 could potentially interact with other, yet unknown, proteins at this site.The aim of this study was to determine whether Na(v)1.5 is part of distinct regulatory complexes at lateral membranes and intercalated discs.Immunostaining experiments demonstrated that Na(v)1.5 localizes at lateral membranes of cardiomyocytes with dystrophin and syntrophin. Optical measurements on isolated dystrophin-deficient mdx hearts revealed significantly reduced conduction velocity, accompanied by strong reduction of Na(v)1.5 at lateral membranes of mdx cardiomyocytes. Pull-down experiments revealed that the MAGUK protein SAP97 also interacts with the SIV motif of Na(v)1.5, an interaction specific for SAP97 as no pull-down could be detected with other cardiac MAGUK proteins (PSD95 or ZO-1). Furthermore, immunostainings showed that Na(v)1.5 and SAP97 are both localized at intercalated discs. Silencing of SAP97 expression in HEK293 and rat cardiomyocytes resulted in reduced sodium current (I(Na)) measured by patch-clamp. The I(Na) generated by Na(v)1.5 channels lacking the SIV motif was also reduced. Finally, surface expression of Na(v)1.5 was decreased in silenced cells, as well as in cells transfected with SIV-truncated channels.These data support a model with at least 2 coexisting pools of Na(v)1.5 channels in cardiomyocytes: one targeted at lateral membranes by the syntrophin-dystrophin complex, and one at intercalated discs by SAP97.